Participant Committee

For a few years now workers unrest has been counted as a major threat to the success of Bangladesh’s ready-made garment industry (RMG). So, Ritzy Group has formed a participant committee which is able to play a vital role in bridging the communication gap between top management and workers to reduce and successfully ease labor disputes. The committee essentially acts as a platform for social dialogue, and is comprised of the owners’ representatives and elected workers’ representatives. The number of owners’ representatives cannot exceed workers’ representatives.

The Ritzy Group’s Participant Committee’s functions are:
(i) To promote mutual trust, understanding and co-operation.
(ii) Ensure application of labor laws.
(iii) Foster a sense of discipline and to improve and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
(iv) Encourage vocational training, workers’ education and family welfare training.
(v) Adopt measures to improve welfare services for the workers and their families.
(vi) Meet production targets, improve productivity.